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Our focus is on capacity enhancement. We study industrial & market trends with a view to helping businesses adapt to the ever changing dynamics in their environment. Our customized training approach, which also incorporates motivational proposition, is geared to significantly increase individual staff capacity & the corporate productivity index through a more result driven, confident and highly motivated workforce.





Course Title/ Description

Target Audience

Benefits/ Fee

March 24-25


June 9-10

Persuasive Selling & Negotiation Skills Training

§  Corporate Executives involved in sales/ marketing and presentations to individuals, retail & corporate customers

§  Snr Sales Reps, Sales Managers & Client Service Manager in Financial, Telecoms, manufacturing & advertising industries.

§  Understand the dynamics of today’s market and customer insights as key business drivers.

§  Appreciate Key practical elements of Professional (needs satisfaction) Selling skills and learn to plan and make professional presentations to their individual, retail & corporate customers.

§  Learn the emotions of selling & compelling negotiation with case studies.

§  Learn the techniques in “win-win” negotiation in the contemporary business environment

§  Motivational: Work life balance to help migrate them to being fired up and passionate about their jobs with key lessons from internationally acclaimed business philosopher

Fee: N98,500 (VAT Exclusive)

July 7-8

Advanced Selling & Retail Techniques


Duration: 2 Days


Location: Lagos, Nigeria

§  Sales Managers responsible for key Accounts

§  Sales Supervisors managing large sales territories

§  FMCGs/ FMCS (Telecoms, Banking & Insurance)

§  To understand advanced selling process & supervisory skills with practical audio visual sessions

§  Understanding essence of business,  demand estimation & sales automation

§  Understanding of peculiar trade structure & how to leverage different trade partners, retailers, wholesalers & distributors

§  Understanding interplay between retail partners & recruiting trade partners for optimal performance

§  Analysis of global best-in-class companies & models

§  Case studies & practical sessions

§  Motivational (working passion into your profession- being the best)

Fee: N105,000 (VAT Exclusive)

May 12-13


August 11-12

Selling Psychology and Sales Force Management


Duration:2 Days


Location: Lagos, Nigeria

§  Senior Sales Managers

§  Heads of Retail & Corporate Sales/Marketing Units

§  Sales & Distribution Managers

§  Sales Supervisors with large teams

§  Industry: FMCG/ FMCS (Pharmaceuticals, F&B, Telecoms, Banking, Insurance & Businesses with extensive retail distribution)

§  Understanding the Challenges of sales management

§  Learn to transform sales meetings to sales training sessions for team

§  Learn why customers buy from you, how to make them buy more & how to make your team focus on what counts

§  Understand trade dynamics & structuring of sales/marketing force for optimum results

§  Compensation, measuring & evaluating sales performance

§  Understanding people management & motivating team for sustainable performance.

§  Best-in-class models, case studies & practical (shared excellence) sessions

§  Motivational: Learn to be the best & working passion into your team

Fee: N120,000 (VAT Exclusive)

April 7

Persuasive Presentation/ How To Make A Memorable Speech


Duration: 1 Day


Location: Lagos, Abuja

§  Sales/ Marketing Managers

§  Client Service Managers

§  Corporate Communications Manager

§  Industry: FMCG/ FMCS/ Advertising

§  Learning to identify and use a communication style to capture and maintain the buyers attention, enthusiasm and interest

§  Understanding elements necessary in making a memorable speech; the opening, the message & the summary/ conclusion

§  Building Self-confidence to effectively handle tough questions in a presentation situation.

§  Avoiding fatal errors in presentations and public speaking

§  How to win your audience & the pitch in the first and last 3 minutes

§   Motivational: Leadership thru competence and need to discover individual talent and become a commodity

Fee: N55,000 (VAT Exclusive)



Course Title/ Description

Target Audience

Benefits/ Fee

July 21-22

Building Strong Brands Through Value Innovation


Duration:2 Days


Location: Lagos, Nigeria

§  Brand Managers

§  Marketing Managers

§  Product Managers

§  Industry: FMCG/ FMCS (Pharmaceuticals, F&B, Telecomms, Banking & Businesses with extensive retail distribution)

§  Understanding brand fundamentals, Equity & creating an enduring promise.

§  Understanding consumer perception & interpretation of your brand.

§  Place of research in brand building & communication- Consumer Intimacy

§  Creative brand building strategies; how to think out of box & gain consumers’ mind share

§  Managing cost for brand efficiency

§  Best-in-class models, case studies & practical (share excellence) sessions.

§  Motivational (working passion into your profession- being the best)

Fee: N115,000 (VAT  Exclusive)

Sept 21-23

Brand masters Conference/ Advanced Brand Marketing; Winning in Branded Market Space for Directors & Senior Manager.


In Conjunction with Franktalk pty


Duration:3 Days


Location: Johannesburg, South Africa


§  Marketing Directors

§  Marketing Mangers

§  Heads of Brand Management Divisions

§  Senior Brand Managers

§  Industry: FMCG/ FMCS (F&B, Telecomms, Banking & Businesses with need to build stronger consumer & brand Equity)


§  Understand how to develop & apply skills for enduring brand blueprint

§  Understand relationship between the business, marketing, brand, stakeholders & communication

§  Brand marketing; applying strategy & positioning in brand differentiation

§  Positioning your brand in the market, leverage on competition to build brand equity

§  Understanding how to leverage on contemporary brand building techniques & the brand power of technology- digital/ network/ mobile market spaces

§  Brand finance & budgetary allocation; how to create more value for brand & consumers with less resources

§  Integrating internal consumers (staff) in brand building, working brand culture into the corporate DNA

§  Best-in-class models, case studies & practical (share excellence) sessions

§  Motivational: Managing your team for peak performance- programming to win

Fee: $3,000 or Naira equivalent (Exclusive of Flight & Accommodation which could be arranged on request but inclusive of breakfast, lunch, refreshments, course materials & sightseeing)

August 25

Branded Customer Service & Consumer-Centricity


Duration: 1 Day


Location: Lagos




§  Customer Service Managers

§  Relationship Managers

§  Customer Care Supervisors

§  Call Centre Managers

§  Corporate Affairs & PR Managers


§  Understanding the dynamics of today’s market, customer insight, brand promise & value

§  Understanding of the concept of customer/ consumer centricity and making this the  norm in the company

§  Evaluating the best-in-class practices with case studies

§  Key steps to delivering branded service memorable by customers based on applicable models

§  Working service values into internal customers (staff) and migrate them to being fired up and passionate about the customer & their jobs

Fee: N50,000 (VAT  Exclusive)



Course Title/ Description

Target Audience

Benefits/ Fee

June 22-24

Leadership Excellence & Organizational Culture.

In conjunction with Centre for Executive & Professional Development UK



Duration:3 Days


Location: Accra, Ghana


§  Managing Directors

§  Heads of Dept & Divisions

§  HR Directors & Snr Managers

§  Government Officials

§  Understand how to leverage on vision, integrity & corporate governance to engender enthusiasm, passion, loyalty, inspired performance & achievement of corporate goals

§  Understanding values of strategic leadership & management culture.

§  Understanding how to liberate passion through team  work & shared values

§  Understanding your brand as a leader

§  Understanding rudiments of mentoring & developing leaders in the organization. Succession planning.

§  What is your strategy; the blue ocean in your market space?

§  Inspiring your team to success as individuals & corporate entity

Fee: $2,500 or Naira equivalent (Exclusive of Flight & Accommodation which could be arranged on request but inclusive of breakfast, lunch, refreshments, course materials & sightseeing)

October 6-7

Managerial Skills & Leadership Excellence


Duration: 2 Days

Location: Lagos & Abuja

§  Executives in supervisory roles

§  Newly appointed managers and team leaders

§  Relevant Dept: Cross functional teams across industries

§    Understanding management & Leadership?

§    Developing your style and evolving strategy that works for you

§    Building Team Trust, passion & Interpersonal Relationships

§    Place of Project Charters in building character

§    Selling Your Idea to your team and your superior!

§    To explore a way to increase your revenues, profits and long-term sustainability through better leadership.

§    To provide a skill development roadmap for Achieving Leadership Excellence for each member of your collective leadership team using relevant case studies.

§    Motivation: Be the best, its in you

Fee: N105,000 (VAT Exclusive)



Leadership In Motion; Programmed To Win

Duration: 1 day


Location: Lagos & Abuja

(Quarterly open sessions)

§  Senior members of staff in corporate organizations especially team leaders & managers.

§  Newly Managers

§  Top corporate executives

  • Understanding vision, purpose, mission, talent, passion & commitment. Everyone can be a leader
  • Understand migrating workforce from burned out to fired up & enabling them Work passion into your profession
  • Learn what great companies, great managers and great  leaders have in common
  • How to make strategy & policy work through people; leadership through emotional intelligence.
  • 5 steps to becoming to Winning as an individual & corporate organization; leveraging on your talent & competence.
  • The untold secretes of top achievers
  • How to overcome fear and deal with change.
  • Driving productivity & performance through passion & inner strength.

Recommended as in-house training.

N55,000 per participant (VAT Exclusive)



Course Title/ Description

Target Audience

Benefits/ Fee

October 22

Entrepreneurial Success & Service Excellence


Duration: 1 Day

(1 Day abridged format available)

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

§  Heads of Strategic Business Units.

§  Heads of Sales/ marketing Teams

§  Heads of customer service

§  Corporate Executives

§  Entrepreneurs

§  Understanding your business & your market

§  Business planning & evolving efficient business systems

§  Understanding rationale for business success; applying Jim Collin’s Good to Great principles

§  How to discover your talent & find your passion.

§  Understanding winning strategy; exploring uncontested markets or the Blue Ocean

§  Funding & maintaining financial discipline

§  Success factors in business enterprise; learning from the best-  Warren Buffett, Donald  Trump & Bill Gates

§  Motivational:  Resilience, Perseverance & internalizing your personal & corporate vision. Post Evaluation

Fee: N55,000




Customized In-House Training  on courses above & others focused on:

§  Enterprise Staff Motivation, Leadership & Personal development.

§  Sales, Marketing & Brand Management,

§  Customer Service

§  Business Strategy

As Applicable

As Applicable

Fee: Dependent on customization. For adaptation of open courses above get up to 40% based on number of participants

TBA (To Be Agreed)* Smiles Training & Consulting is a division of Schufy Limited.