A motivated, motivating motivator, Harry organizes and seeks for platforms to help young people aware of the potentials in & around them. Through the Positive Difference platform, he engages youth including young professionals & business individuals at direct forums and periodic seminars that allow them the opportunity to express themselves and their talents.

      Training Consultant

Harry is also capacity enhancement management consultant who focuses on industrial & market trends with a view to helping businesses adapt to the ever changing dynamics in their environment. For every industry, anticipating and managing change are key success factors for operating successfully in the ever changing market space. Smiles is a subsidiary of Schufy Limited


Harry’s convictions are entrenched firmly on the integrity of the word of God. Inspired by his Pastor and Mentor Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, his firm resolve is to establish the kingdom of God in the hearts of men, helping them to fufill their God-ordained destiny.
He is a committed member of the Haven Ministry, Believers LoveWorld Inc.

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