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Everyone was born for a purpose. Every man, woman, boy or girl was born to fulfill a specific purpose and has been given talents to help them achieve greatness. You are special, unique, and different, there is something about you that the world needs, something you have to offer to the world in a way no one else can except you. You have been specially crafted to fill a role, to contribute to the advancement and well being of humanity.

You were born with a treasure in your heart, a gift, a special talent that the world has need of.
 A rare treasure, a goldmine.
But you see my friend; people will live on this earth and never one day take advantage of the special gift they have been endowed with. It might be a song that no one else but you can ever compose, an ability to paint, an athletic skill, a keen sense of business. Whatever it is comes often times in small unattractive packages, abilities that you wield without even thinking, actions that seem like common sense to you, but actually are uncommon at the end of the day. 

Your talent has been given to you to help you fulfill your purpose in this life and only when you are able to unleash your potential can you make a difference in your world. Yes my friend in your heart is a yearning a desire to be great to stand out, to do something that has never been done before to express yourself in ways you know are rare; maybe music, poetry, arts or craft.

You know you have something in you that cries out for expression that wants to be seen and be heard.

You might have dulled that longing with the need to face up to the realities of the present and now all you live for is a monthly paycheck.

When are you going to stand up and fight, when are you going to finally express yourself do that dance, start that company, compose that song.

There is no better time than now, no better time to take the bull by its horns, no better time to start, no better time to now declare, even if its through tear stained eyes and patched lips,“ I will become all of who I was born to be , I will fulfill my destiny!”.

You are special, uniquely formed and beautiful, there is so much that you can do that the world hasn’t seen the half of yet.

Make up your mind that your future will be bright and start now.
No! not tomorrow now!
I am here to open your eyes to see the endless possibilities of what you can achieve in your lifetime.

It will take tenacity, guts and courage, it will take perseverance, sweat, tears but friend it is worth it in the end.

It is worth every dime in your pocket, every strain of your muscles, worth the grit, worth the pain, worth the joy of knowing you have lived life to its fullest, to its best. You are a champion my friend, take a deep breath, reach for the skies.

There is no better time to be alive.

Be the best of who you were born to be, Be different.

Yours Sincerely,
Harry Nnoli

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