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Everyone has a gift or talent & your gift is given to you to help you fulfill your purpose in life. When you visualize that purpose it becomes a vision & that vision becomes your propelling force in life.

It is your responsibility to discover your talent, refine it & serve it to your world . You might have to do it first free of charge, which in most cases will be followed by huge commercial opportunities if done consistently. If you were born to sing, don’t start by looking for where to sing and get paid, look for opportunities to sing for free. If you are an excellent painter, look out for that opportunity first to paint for free, you never know who will eventually spot you painting and the rest will be history as you land a mouth watering painting contract!

If you do not have a vision you can’t achieve anything meaningful, you will find that your life is  moving in circles. If you are at this point, it is time to ask yourself the following questions:
1) What is my vision?
2) What is my life's purpose?

For most people they don’t have a clue and may never have unless they discipline themselves to ask these  hard questions and listen to words like you hear now.

Vision is the foundation of courage & the fuel of persistence
What you see today were produced by men of vision. It was the vision of flight that inspired the Wright Brothers to invent the airplane. It was the vision of light that possessed Thomas Edison to invent the incandescent light bulb. It was the vision of a desk-sized computer that motivated Steve Jobs to invent the apple desktop computer and the vision of mobile music & communication led him to develop the ipod and the iphone.

It was the vision of giving every person access to people-friendly software that inspired Bill Gates to develop & invent the Microsoft Empire.

It is the vision of freedom for both his native country and humanity that made Nelson Mandela endure 27 long years of ‎?imprisonment to become the first black President of South Africa and one of the greatest global statesmen of all time.

If you want real progress you must have a vision for yourself...
To Be Continued.

Remember, you can be the best of who you were born to be, make the most of your life, be different. Sincerely Harry Nnoli

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