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Remember, you were born to achieve something significant & to make a difference in your generation.

Your future is not ahead of you, your future is within you - your future is your vision.
There is greatness in everyone but until you search for it diligently it may elude you. Dream big, discover your talent, and find your purpose, because you have one. It is only then that you will find true happiness. Have a vision and work towards its achievement, because you only can nurture and fulfill it.

See farther than your eyes can look, this is the essence of vision, having a picture of what can be, seeing the future before it comes into being.  Walt Disney saw the space mountain before it was constructed. The founder of Fedex got C from his professor for dreaming of overnight mail, which in the words of the professor "couldn't happen". Today, Fedex is a global success. I say to you, dare to dream, dream big & make it happen!  

A man committed to his vision is unstoppable.

Remember, you can be the best of who you were born to be, make the most of your life, be different.

Sincerely Harry Nnoli.

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