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Many want to stand on the side and watch things happen all around them. Make up your mind how you want to play & live, you’re either the one asking what is happening or the one making things happen. I challenge you be the one making things happen…Be the news.

When you have a vision, pursue it with passion and drive to fulfill it, this is what make the difference between winners and others. Your purpose should be your passion. It will wake you up, keep you going when tired and cause you to have joy in the midst of opposition.

If you are merely interested in your dream that will not achieved it but if you are willing to put all your energy into it, then, no one can stop you. Hard work & diligence are the essential ingredients of success and all are driven by an internal motivation called vision. You were designed to be known for something and that something is your gift and when you develop it, the world will make room for you in applauds. This gift will ultimately enable you fulfill your vision.

Take the multiple awards winning actor, Sylvester Stallone for example, a man known for his acting prowess and an excellent script writer. He pursued his vision of turning the pains of his youth into cinematic gold by maintaining a rigid writing routing and insisting on not short changing himself as the star actor in the Rocky series. It was said that he had to sell his dog to eat, and washed his clothes wearing them into the shower because he couldn’t afford laundry services. Failed in school severally and the military academy couldn’t straighten him up either. He held on to his dream, his vision of success and today he is known all over the world and celebrated as one of the best actors of his generation. You too can live that dream and fulfill that vision.

Be known for something - Be known for your gift, be known for your talent. Concluded.

Remember, you can be the best of who you were born to be, make the most of your life, be different. Sincerely, Harry Nnoli.

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