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To succeed it is important to dream. But that is just the starting point. In addition to dreaming, you need to believe in your dream. Someone has said your truest life is when you are in your dream awake…how true! You can live your dream by share persistence & focus. You have heard people say, it’s like a dream come true…and you know what? You can reproduce that over & over & over again if you will not only dream but set out to develop goals & targets to help you actualize your dream. These goals & targets are invaluable in achieving your dream; your mind needs them because your mind either plays back the past or focuses on the future.

With goals, your mind focuses on the future. Quoting experts that quoting experts, I always tell to people, the mind can’t tell the difference between vivid imagination & actual experience, therefore your mind has the ability to bring to you what you have imagined.

These said the important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you could become. The good in your hands is usually the enemy of the best out there. You must go beyond yourself, go for what can be. Let me explain, you may have been on a job for a long time, may be the fear of the unknown to venture into the pursuit of your dream has kept you on that job, but you know what? There is a great treasure out there for you beyond that job, if you would dare to try.

Create the picture of your dream in your mind; of course your mind sees in pictures not letters. Think for a moment if I mentioned the words motorbike or chicken you don’t see the letters of the words but you automatically see pictures of the machine or animal mentioned, so the mind sees in picture format. What picture of your future do you have because what your mind sees is what you are galvanized to achieve. Take a cue from all success stories we have today, they were men and women that dreamt and worked to actualize their dreams.

So, what are you waiting for? It is good to work but be smart & wise to know when to quit & pursue your dream. Though your employer can make you very comfortable, No employer can make you truly rich & successful

There is time & season for everything. Know what the time is for you! To be continued.

Remember, you can be the best of who you were born to be, make the most of your life, be different. Sincerely, Harry Nnoli.

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