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Do you know, you were meant to stand out and NOT to blend in?
Some people may think you are just another person but I say to you don’t ever let anyone make you think you are ordinary because you are not, you are original, irreplaceable & one of a kind, you are uniquely you! There is no limit to what you can achieve; all you need is a stubborn & dogged persistence and commitment to purpose.

There is something in you that is special, find that thing and be known for it. Of course you need careful observation & understanding of your life pattern to find it because it may appear ordinary to you and you need discipline to develop it.  A friend of mine some time ago told me of his trip to a country that produces gold & how he saw gold in its natural state according to him it was unbelievable and he made a remarkable comment, that what he saw was nothing like what he wears, he said he despised what he saw, it was one of the most unattractive and filthy substances he had ever seen. Do you know what? That was 24 carat gold in its raw state, nothing desirable or attractive! So is what you have inside you that can help you achieve your vision in life. You are pure gold inside if only you can pass it  through the fire of discipline, hard work, sometimes disappointments, drawbacks, frustrations & obstacles of life as raw gold is passed through the furnace.

You are meant to do and achieve something that will make you unforgettable, something the world may not be able to ignore. Now hear this… no matter how small that act may be if you put your whole being into it, it won’t be forgotten.

May be you are 18 or 30 years of age, don’t react to peer pressure be yourself, find your purpose and live it, that is what will give you real satisfaction or you are forty ask yourself what have you done so far that the world cannot forget? And if there is nothing, start now, it’s never too late. How long will you drift without working toward your dream? Don’t make procrastination a full time occupation …doing every other thing but the things that matter most.  To be continued…

Remember, you can be the best of who you were born to be, make the most of your life, be different.

Yours Sincerely,
Harry Nnoli

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