Key areas we render service include Enterprise Motivation, Marketing, Sales, Brand Management and Financial Advisory consultancy geared towards sharpening the skills of these professional teams within your organization. More importantly, Smiles Consulting places premium on customized training & consultancy services to our clients by focusing on people as key change drivers enabling them to perfectly align their individual goals with the corporate vision & goals. Practical creative route-to-market strategies are extensively diagnosed.
  Key areas of facilitation include:

  1. Internalizing key steps of successful change
  2. Inspiring strong passion and commitment (of staff) for greater corporate productivity
  3. Promoting servant leadership within the organization to champion corporate vision & goals
  4. Build a tough “Can Do” mentality in the work force across organizational strata.
  5. Making your strategy and policy work- the people link.

This training will migrate the workforce from burned out to fired up & working passion into their profession. At the end of our training/ facilitation, client will appreciate how to significantly increase individual staff & corporate productivity index through a more result driven, confident and highly motivated workforce. Corporate Organizations that have used our model have achieved significant improvement in productivity level.


  • General Session: 60 minutes
  • Workshop: 2 — 6 hours
  1. Contemporary Trends in Marketing across industries and Excellent Customer Service Delivery.
  2. Fundamental Principles of Selling & Sales Management
  3. Organizing the Field Sales & Marketing Force For Greater Effectiveness
  4. Marketing Challenges in a Downturn; Good Strategy, Perfect Execution .
  5. Strategic Brand Management Focus; Its All In The Brand.
  6. Making A Positive Impact In The Market Place.
  7. Building a Virile Sales and Marketing Team; The Winning Team.
  8. End-to-End Enterprise Business Solutions. This model includes Training on business development, strategy development & execution and financial advisory.


Our Clients

Companies we work for or those whose staff have attended our courses include;
  • Cadbury
  • Cap plc
  • Etisalat
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • First Bank
  • Forever Living Product
  • Intercontinental Bank
  • Loveworld Publishing
  • Media Perspectives
  • MMA 2/ Bi-Courtney
  • Oceanic Bank
  • Optimum Exposures
  • Prima Garnet Ogilvy
  • Shell
  • Spring Bank
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